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Co/Lab Sunderland aims to stimulate knowledge fusion between disciplinary perspectives and practices by foregrounding our collective ability to ask questions, test assumptions and see our world afresh. In doing so, we help generate multicentric research outcomes that have real societal value and impact in the world.

At its heart, Co/Lab Sunderland is a creative catalyst designed to stimulate dynamic environments in which to produce cultural, economic and socially driven interdisciplinary outputs generated by - and in collaboration with - academic staff and students in the University of Sunderland.We do this through brokering arts-led interdisciplinary collaborations that foster new connections between diverse ecologies of knowledge, practice and innovation.

We facilitate supportive contexts that foreground creative experimentation, knowledge generation and collaborative production, enabling the exchange of insights, methods and experiences between artists and academics from across University of Sunderland, external partners, stakeholders and diverse communities.

We reach a broad range of academic, professional stakeholders and diverse communities through the delivery a rich programme of public facing talks, co-creation labs, collaborative commissions, interdisciplinary projects and published materials.

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“The project's uniqueness lies in its 'speculative' nature, offering individuals and teams who are already committed to research a 'few strings attached' opportunity to pursue a novel avenue of enquiry.”

- John Kefala Kerr, Senior Lecturer (Music) on Co/Lab Sunderland, 2018/19

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A passionate group of experienced Artists and Creatives working in film, tv, radio, sound, digital media and interdisciplinary practices.

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