Co/Lab Sunderland 2018/19

For our 2018/2019 programme, we are delighted to be working in partnership with colleagues within Faculty of Health, Science and Wellbeing (FHSW). Together, FACI and FHSW provide a unique opportunity for artistic and creative explorations of fundamental and applied sciences, including pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, biological and medical sciences, primary care, public health and physical and phycological health.

Co/Lab aims to provide a mechanism that will foster new opportunities for collaboration between art, design and creative practitioners within Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries (FACI) and academic researchers across University of Sunderland.

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A passionate group of experienced Artists and Creatives working in film, tv, radio, sound, digital media and interdisciplinary practices.

Senior Lecturer, Music
Principal Lecturer in Pedagogy
Programme Leader Social Media
Professor of Visual Art (FACI)
Principal Lecturer in Psychology
Participatory Artist
Snr. Lecturer in Health Sciences
Professor of Photography
Senior Lecturer in Health Services
Senior Lecturer in Radio
Assoc. Prof. of Radio
Radio and Podcast Producer
Senior Lecturer in Applied Biosciences
Senior Lecturer & Researcher

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